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Skullcrawler vs Jaw titan

This episode discusses the hypothetical outcome of a battle between the skullcrawler and Attack on Titan's Jaw titan. This confrontation seeks to highlight both creatures' locomotive attributes and unique weaponry. As well as highlighting some interesting psychological weaknesses that may be the deciding factor that will determine who wins, and who dies. 

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Winner: Jaw Titan

In this section we will briefly explain and provide answers to the top 5 questions brought up in the comments in response to the episode.

1. "Why didn't you an adult skullcrawler in this fight?"


Skullcrawlers in the Monsterverse one of the creatures that do not have an exact set size. We are only given a range (35-194 ft long) that was ultimately surpassed in GvK. To keep this battle as equilibrated as possible, we opted to use a Juvenile specimen that was scaled up to be around the size of a V-Rex. This was done in order to have a better idea and a reference as to how heavy the Skullcrawler be in this fight, and also better calculate any impact force it will have inflicted on the body of the Jaw titan. Using an adult would bring alot of speculation into this fight, making it more inaccurate.  

2. "Would all incarnations of the Jaw titan beat this juvenile skullcrawler?"

Not all incarnations of the Jaw titan were created equal. Depending on the military training of the titan shifter, the Jaw titan form would develop traits and physical attribute that would help amplify those skill sets. Ymir's titan for instance, lacked the armored face that is common amongst every other Jaw Titan. Which in this particular fight would have given her a critical disadvantage in armor, and possibly even bite force. Additionally Porco's Jaw titan was much more agile than Ymir's. Without these attributes, defeating the skullcrawler would have been many times more difficult if not impossible. So yes, every Jaw titan is different, and not all of them may have defeated this juvenile skullcrawler. 

3. "How did Porco (the titan shifter) know where the Skullcrawler's heart was in the simulation?" 

For most air-breathing vertebrates, vital organs  such as the heart, lungs and great vessels tend to be housed inside the ribcage. This is an anatomical arrangement that is extremely common in the animal kingdom, and a fact well-known by an individual like Porco who was trained in combat. During a melee and ranged confrontation it was important to know where these vital organs were - as to quickly kill an opponent and move on to the next foe. Efficiency is key.  

4. "Why wasn't strength a category that was considered in this fight?"

Adding absolutely every attribute possible in these episodes would extend them to hours in length. Strength in this case was factor that applied to many categories, such as bite force, stamina, mass, and auxiliary weaponry. The use of strength in each body part heavily determined who won the edge in those categories. 

5. "Couldn't Porco leave his titan form and regenerate again?"

Yes, in fact the team behind storyboarding the fight simulation actually considered this possibility. This however made the team think about the probability of this happening. At this point in the fight, Porco would have realized that exiting his titan would risk death. The Skullcrawler was quick on its feet and had a prehensile tongue that could catch him... and then get probably stab  with the teeth enough for him to not be able to regenerate any more. This was a risk a shrewd combatant would not take. 


In the event that the skullcrawler did catch Porco's human body with the tongue, Porco could once again turn into a titan. And even worse, if swallowed perfectly, the Jaw titan could have even turned into a titan inside the skullcrawler. Killing the skullcrawler immediately. 

This possibility applies even with the adult versions of the skullcrawler. At this point it could go either way. 

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