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The Top 5 New predators in Skull Island (Netflix Show)

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Netflix's new show Skull Island featured many new monsters that further prove that Skull Island's food chain is no joke. Below is a list of the top 5 monsters (ranked from less powerful to most powerful) that were seen in the new show. This list excludes the Kraken seen at the end of the show. What you see here will discuss other sorts of megafauna excluding titans.

Note that this list is really subjective to the personal opinion of the author not GojiCenter as a whole. With that in mind lets begin with:

Number 5 - Dog

Number 5

"Dog" was undeniably an extremely powerful creature for its size. It is noted/inferred in the show that this animal isn't necessarily native to Skull Island, as far as we know. What makes this creature be included in this top 5 list is the fact that this animal is really smart and deadly. Its claws can grip stone, it can fend off against practically any creature of its same size, and makes an excellent companion for a human trying to get through skull Island. Apart from its strength this animal can run at really high speeds. Quadrupeds in general can be faster than bipedal creatures because their 4 legs have more points of contact with the ground.. making them move their body faster. Thanks to this, Dog here can almost outrun Kong as we saw in episode 8 of Netflix's Skull Island series.

Number 4 - Rock Bug

Rock ranks higher than Dog because of its strength and armor. "But isn't Dog more intelligent?" you may ask. And the answer is a solid yes, however, we must admit that this Rock bug is not only really big but also really strong, and can use layers of rock-like armor from protection. Keeping it safe from anything besides animals of Titan proportions. Apart from that this thing can crawl at super high speeds while carrying this armor.

This creature has a really fun hunting methodology. It opens up and exposes its beautiful geode rock - mesmerizing prey and causing a distraction that makes it more susceptible to attack. Those mandible look like they can crunch through anything that does not have robust plated armor.

Number 3 - Croc Monster

This is one of GojiCenter's favorite animals. We call it "Giga croc" (after the Gigachad meme). Giga croc is a strange crocodile that is seen to be able to walk on all fours and walk on its hind-limbs. Raising its body to make itself appear bigger and potentially put it toe to toe against another large biped. We'd like to imagine that if this animal lived in the late cretaceous period this thing would solo Hell's creek quite easily. Taking down practically anything and possibly even a T-rex. In Skull Island this animal is large enough to fend off many of Skull Island's predators and turn many other creatures into prey. Its claws are pronated differently and mounted on arms adapted to swipe like a grizzly bear. Combine that with insane bite forces (capable of dismembering a human in seconds) , and we have a top tier superpredator. Crocodiles are already OP but one that is 5 times larger, can run, and slash at you is simply next level.

Number 2 - Killer Chameleon

At first glance these animals don't seem like much but once you see them next to a human, your jaw will probably drop. These things are massive. Possibly reaching more than 100ft in length once the tail is fully extended. These Killer Chameleons earn their name by having teeth that can easily pierce thick furry hides like that of Kong. Insanely fast speeds for their size, capable of crawling vertically on cliffs and most notably a super long tongue that can be extended to lengths that rival its own body length.

If you re watch the show and look closely at the clips you'll realize that these things are possibly the size of Ramarak from Kong Skull Island 2017. Its a bit weird why these animals don't appear in the film but there are many ways they could explain this. One is that these creatures just crawled out from the hollow earth, or maybe they were dormant. At this point the explanations are endless. There is no doubt however that these things were the next worst things after the Skullcrawlers... or were they?

Number 1 - Giant Hawk

This bird is colossal. With a wingspan that was probably over 100 ft. This isn't exactly a titan but if it keeps growing it could be. Giant Hawk here proved to be a valuable friend to Kong, coming in and saving the day by rescuing one of Kong's friends. This animal was seen swooping down and picking up less fortunate animals to be fed to Kong. In return Kong probably defended this creature against other dangers.. or maybe their bond started when Kong rescued this bird when young. This is a theory and not official btw. All we are saying is that these sort of relationships between different species can begin in many forms. Similar to the one between Dog and Anne.

So why is this animal on top? Well apart from being an extremely intelligent bird of prey, this creature is armed with really sharp talons, and a beak that can pierce and pull flesh right from the bone. Flying at high altitudes with great vision almost guarantees success when hunting and ambushing prey. As far as we are concerned this is one of the largest flying creatures in Skull Island. (apart from Camazotz and the strange winged creature seen in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Trailer)

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